The filthy darlings


WHO are we


The Filthy Darlings bring to life and to you music that has deep roots in a unique style of song writing. Combining pop sensibilities with folky rock raconteur, soul and country vibes like you have never seen nor heard before.

Taking us on a journey of love, heartbreak and cheers all the way to gutsy determination, anticipation, revolution and resolution. The Filthy Darlings tell musical life stories and exude authentic life experiences.

Experience a unique sound, that will capture audiences and listeners with velvet guitars, changing tempos and intriguing lyrics.


"Filthy Darlings"

Vocals, Guitar / Nicholas Lee-Murphy
Guitar / Ben Brikcius
Bass / Denis Vrkic
Drums / Matt Swain
Sound / Samuel Duvall

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The Filthy Darlings EP

by The Filthy Darlings